Phenomenon: Hip Hop Worldwide

by on March 30, 2015

   As we all may know, Hip Hop is not only a domestic genre in the US, but is a global phenomenon. A poetic style birthed out of New York to describe the woes of living through the crack epidemic, has now reached a peak where anyone from anywhere can relate- and now, contribute. Here are a list of Hip Hop artists that are enhancing the style globally.


1. La Fouine (France)

La Fouine is one of the top-selling hip hop artists in France. His style seems more pop-inspired, which is great for radio play. He often speaks of street life and his troubled adolescent years, using his music as his personal life testimony, so others may learn from his mistakes, as opposed to making the same ones.


2. Mala Rodríguez (Spain)

Mala Rodriguez, also known as, La Mala represents hip hop all the way from Spain. Her rhythms are greatly inspired by flamenco music, but her lyrics are reflections of her middle-class upbringing. She often discusses issues of poverty, gender and racism; amongst other subjects. In watching her videos, one can tell that her style is very laid-back stylistically and musically. Her clothes are rarely extravagant and her her delivery seems as nonchalant as her clothes, lacking aggression, but not at all passion.


3. S.l.a.c.k. (Japan)

S.l.a.c.k. has a style closest to hip hop in the US. The beats of his songs are authentically street, matching his flow. The tone and rhythms of his music make it to where one does not have to know what he is saying in order to enjoy the music. S.l.a.c.k. is a perfect example of an abroad artist, not imitating hip hop, but rather embracing the culture and becoming a part of hip hop.


4. Hau (Australia)

Hau has grown from an underground hip-hop artists to now an Australian superstar. He pulls upon his Australian-upbringing with Tongan roots, as opposed to adopting the US hip hop culture, which he was not raised in; inspired by the culture, but never imitating it. His recent project, The No End Theory, Hau shows direct inspiration from US artist Will.I.Am, in his track, “Kill.I.Am.”