Songs that Remind you Summer is Near

by on April 21, 2015

Summer is almost here, can’t you feel it? The air is becoming more humid, and our sunglasses are no longer collecting dusts. Here are some tracks that will have you summer ready!

1. “Favorite Song” by Chance The Rapper

Chance is one of the most energetic emerging rappers of today, and this track is the perfect reflection of that. The beat is reminiscent of Will Smith’s “Sunmer Time” with a little Chicago-influence. It’s comical and lightweight with the help of fellow rap star, Childush Gambino; both make the track quirky and fun- perfect for long car rides with the windows down.

2. “Supernatural” by King

This track by King can be defined as “feel-good music.” Their harmonies are effortless and the instrumentals are light and airy, similar to the occasional faksettos that are perfectly executed by each member.

3. “Nirvana” by Sam Smith

We all know Sam Smith as one of the most popular crooners of this generation, but before the fame of “Stay With Me,” there was his EP, Nirvana, a smaller project that introduces Sam as a Top notch R&B vocalist. This track has a carefree attitude that we often adapt within the summer season.

4. “Motel Pool” by Travis Garland

Who doesn’t like to go for a nice swim during the summer? This track by Travis Garland can be bumped in a club or enjoyed in a car ride; it an fit any mood. It’s about an adventure of two lovers exploring their spontaneity in a motel pool late at night. The woman who Travis refers to, is timid and afraid to let go, but Travis is able to subdue her worries.

5. “Warm Water” by Banks

Banks has a warm voice. It’s full of sultry and a little rasp. “Warm Water,” shows a little more of her sultry side, but in a lighthearted way, as opposed to the dark and intense music she is known for (i.e. “Waiting Game”). This track is perfect for a small house party, or can provide the perfect background music to late night conversations.