Music’s Hidden Philosophers

by on April 24, 2015

   Music. We often think of it as a means of therapeutic expression, or a poetic way of narrating our lives; which is most likely why those who create music use it to share their philosophy on life.

1. Left Eye

   Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez we all know as the late member of popular girl group TLC, but it wasn’t until after her death and the release of the documentary, The Last Days of Left Eye that we were able to know her philosophy on life.

  She was a free spirit who believed in numerology and that positive energy can take you far with the right support system. In fact, the place of her death, La Ceiba, Honduras, was where she was visiting to find peace and restoration before embarking on new music projects. In her documentary, she explained her views on some of the content of TLC’s music, specifically their hit song, “Creep.” She explained that she didn’t agree with the song advising a young woman to not only stay with her cheating partner, but to cheat in response to his cheating. She would have rather the group advise their listeners to leave a cheating partner instead.

2. Tupac Shakur

  Raised by a mother who is a former member of the Black Panther Party, Tupac Shakur was destined to be one to speak his mind. He was one of the first hip hop artists to be known just as much for his point of view on personal and social issues as his music. In interviews, he would often address issues that inner-city youth dealt with in their everyday lives, as well as, his experience as a public figure and black man in America. His charismatic personality overflowed from his personal life into his music, which is why he became a spokesperson for inner city youth.

  His philosophy on life was to not let your environment hinder you, but elevate you. But at the same time, promoting social activism so that one’s environment can change.

3. Janelle Monae

  Janelle Monae is known for her eccentric fashion and unique spin on soul music. A Kansas City, Kan. native, she is a product of a community that has experienced fluctuating economic standing and violence. Her music is a forum for those who are quirky and in search for change.

  Her lifestyle and music are one in the same; she is a walking of the content of her music. Promoting peace and innovation to those who are considered different; she has stepped into the social forefront to be a voice to those who are not given the chance to express themselves and have people listen. Her music and lifestyle screams eccentricity, and for once the world is not afraid to listen.

Featured Image by Side Stage Collective