Meet Johndrea

by on April 24, 2015

   Johndrea is an emerging R&B artist that has recently released her debut mixtape Insanity. Although the title of the mixtape is Insanity, the compilation of songs does not sound crazy at all. Her tunes on each track are melodic and unified to make a unique sound. Each song flows into the next. It isn’t until one hears audio of her in an interview layered into a number of tracks, that the continuity is broken.

   On the track, “Damaged,” Johndea delivers each line of the song as a freestyle. Her note choices are unpredictable, but executed flawlessly, very similar to the singing styles of Jhene Aiko. The track “Good Vibes” does exactly what the title ensues, it encourages good vibes. Less emotionally climaxed than “Damaged,” this track shows off that Johndrea can not only belt out a ballad, but have fun with more chill records.

   Altogether, Insanity is a reemergence of 90s R&B mixed with a little Funk; an indication that R&B is broadening rather than slowly fusing with other popular genres.