Slinkachu’s Little People in a Big World

by on May 7, 2015

   London based artist Slinkachu is yet another artist who prefers to stay out of the lime light and let his art speak for him. And while his artwork is small scale, it says quite a lot.

   Slinkachu gained a large following and more than a little recognition for his Little People Project. The basis of the project is simple: put miniature people in situations involving whatever debris is in the environment. Photograph the scenario, and then leave it to be found by someone else who has their eyes open.

  But the Little People Project is more than that. The scenarios that are photographed are usually ironic commentary on our daily lives, the things that hold importance to us, and the kind of things we worship rather we do so intentionally or not.


Slinkachu_Goodbye Metropolis_E


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All artwork is property and copyright Slinkachu. 2015.