The Beauty in Blood

by on May 15, 2015

It’s not unusual for creative people to have “A-Ha!” moments in unusual places. For artist Jen Lewis, her’s came in the bathroom while pouring out her menstrual cup. So while most artists work in paint, charcoal, or clay Jen Lewis works in blood. Seeing the way that the blood mimicked paint, Lewis saw an opportunity to make artwork that would bring the subject of menstruation to the forefront and take it from something that society considers taboo to something that is a completely normal and natural occurrence.




Far from being a solo feminist act, Lewis teams up with her male partner Rob Lewis to photograph the blood. As she states on her website, “Feminism is as much about men who promote women’s rights as it is about the women who fight for the movement so enlisting a male artist to move this project forward was a completely natural step.”

To see more of Jen and Rob Lewis’ work, check out their website.

All artwork is property and copyright Jen Lewis and Rob Lewis. 2015.