Jimmy Lawlor’s Rural Surrealism

by on May 19, 2015

Sometimes you have to poke fun at yourself, and for Irish artist Jimmy Lawlor, that’s more fun to do with paint.


The former Disney animator hasn’t long been a surrealist painter who makes jabs at the Irish life (both real and perceived). He’s only been painting this way for a few years, but has quickly made a name for himself. To name an Irish surrealist painter might have been hard to do, or at least seem absurd, until Lawlor came onto the scene.


For Lawlor, not much thought goes into the details of what he puts in his paintings. Using intuition and a great sense of humor he lets the paintings go where they want. Seeing how it’s worked well thus far, must not be a bad idea.


To see more of Jimmy Lawlor’s latest works head over to his website.

All artwork is property and copyright Jimmy Lawlor. 2015.