B. Yellowtail & The New World of Fashion

by on May 15, 2015

Now a days the fashion world isn’t just being turned on it’s head, it’s being held upside down and having it’s lunch money stolen. Models such as Tess Holliday and Maddie Stewart are breaking down the walls of what the faces of modeling look like. But other boundaries are being broken as well.

Bethany Yellowtail is single-handily transforming the fashion design world with her incredible line of work. Her designs are inspired by Native cultures, worn by Native models, and even photographed by Thosh Collins, also Native.

So what makes B. Yellowtail’s work so different? For one, she’s not ripping off indigenous cultures and appropriating their heritage. As a Native American herself, Yellowtail is honoring her history and heritage by bringing it to the catwalk. Something few others have done, and done with as much grace and pride as Yellowtail.





To see more of B. Yellowtail’s stunning designs, and to shop the collection, visit her website.

All artwork is property and copyright B. Yellowtail. 2015.