This Book Can Be Planted After It’s Read

by on May 28, 2015

  As much as we love holding a physical, paper and ink book in our hands here at Perspective Daily, there is still always a slight sentiment of guilt in regards to how it got there. In a world that is facing growing environmental challenges and terrifyingly high waste piles, trees are an important resource that we need to be respectful of — yes, even us “crinkle of the page” and “smell of the binding” physical book lovers. So with all that being said, we were excited to learn about Gusti and Anne Decis’s new children’s book that can actually be planted into a tree after it’s been read.

  Yup, you heard us correctly. Mi Papá Estuvo en la Selva (which appropriately translates to “My Dad Was in the Jungle”), released by the Pequeño Editor publishing company revolves around the story of a rainforest, promoting a respect for the living things that inhabit it. Made from acid-free paper and ecological ink, this hand-stitched book is filled with jacaranda seeds. Once it’s been read, it can be planted, and eventually, a jacaranda tree will sprout from the ground where it was buried. If this isn’t the coolest thing we’ve ever heard, then we don’t know what is. Imagine if all books were like this! We’d basically be growing gardens of literature.

Featured Image: Una [Pausa] para la Publicidad