LION BABE Channels Their Natural Instincts

by on June 4, 2015

   LION BABE consists of dancer/singer Jillian Hervey (daughter of Vanessa Williams) and producer Lucas Goodman. an unlikely pair, but definitely a match perfectly in tune with one another. They are both neo-soul and experimental, putting them in a category on their own.

   As the leading lady of LION BABE, Hervey is the most identifiable. With big, golden curls resembling a lion’s mane, her appearance is parallel to her actual voice. Her voice isn’t full, but rather a mix between a more restrained Macy Gray and a soprano version of Erykah Badu.

   “Treat Me Like Fire” is one of LION BABE’s popular tracks. Goodman uses natural sounds such as, handclaps within his production, as Hervey belts out the lyrics. In the music video, much like all of their videos, Hervey shows off her dance training. Her moves match the fluidity of each note she sings, and displays a higher level of expressing the song as opposed to just standing and lip syncing.

   “Jungle Lady” is very sensual. It is the reason why LION BABE can be considered bro-soul and dance music. But slow dance music, where you dance close enough to collide with your dance partner’s sweat. As soon as you hear the music, it’ll click.

   Altogether, LION BABE is a group you should get to know. So sit back to Hervey’s crooning and follow your instincts, naturally.