‘The Internet’ Revives R&B Groups

by on June 29, 2015


  New R&B group, The Internet, use experimental music and lyricism to create a new kind of sound. They are a ranch of the Los Angeles-based group, Odd Future. Lead vocalist, Syd Tha Kid was the group’s DJ and producer, but now is the key component to The Internet’s unique sound. With their recent release of, Ego Death, this group is revamping the idea of what an R&B group should be.

   Other than Syd Tha Kid, the group consists of: Matt Martians on the drum machine, Patrick Paige II on bass, Jameel Bruner on keyboard, Steve Lacy also on vocals and guitar, and Chris Smith on drums. Collectively, they form an experimental, yet soulful sound; experimental by way of their instrumentation and soulful by way of Syd’s vocal work.

   Syd sings soulfully lazy. One can sense her passion through the lyrics of their songs, but she never overdoes her vocals. No runs, or extra falsettos, just simplicity- a complete opposite style from her Odd Future sound.

   Stand out tracks on the project are “Special Affair,” “Stay Inside,” and “Dontcha.” “Special Affair,” is the opening track of the album. It has a slow tempo, and a cool sound with smooth, yet explicit lyrics. “Stay Inside” is the first track where Syd and Steve’s vocals are combined together. They barely harmonize, but each have a turn to show off their vocal skills. And “Dontcha,” is just an effortlessly cool track with a visual aid for one to get a full feel of the group.