Public Art Biennial In Sweden Transforms Örebro

by on July 17, 2015

   The manifesto of Sweden’s public art biennial vows to turn the city upside down “with art that will surprise, intrigue and inspire.” This year, OpenART definitely delivered on its promises.

   OpenART is the largest public art forum in Scandinavia. Since its inception in 2008, it’s grown steadily into an international phenomenon that pushes the boundaries of art, pulling in its ever-expanding collaborative of international artists to prod at the essential question of ‘what, exactly, is art?’

   This year it wove 130 public installations by 72 artists, representative of 19 countries into the landscape of Örebro,Sweden, including everything from giant cardboard boomboxes to swarms of sculpted insects climbing the town square.

Chinese artist Chen Zhiguang's "Age of Movement" for OpenART 2015

Chinese artist Chen Zhiguang’s “Age of Movement” for OpenART 2015

Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei's "Think different (How to hang workers' uniforms)." Fun fact: It lights up at night.

Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei’s “Think different (How to hang workers’ uniforms).” Fun fact: It lights up at night.