One Small (Dub)step For Man…

by on August 21, 2014

Somewhere between Y2K and today aspiring sonic sculptors threw down their chisels and picked up chainsaws. By 2010, the gentle pluck of a nickel wound string gave way to feverish fisting of MacBook keyboards. Beady black-rim-bespectacled eyes lorded over hordes of ecstasy-addled youths grinding together like cogs in a hideous sex machine. This aural Sodom was deemed “dubstep”.

Generally speaking, dubstep was a story without a narrative; an excuse for the melting pot of American youth to stew in each other’s broth under the guise of listening to music, although it lacked discernible melody, tonality, and other pertinent musical descriptors.

UK based production dyad “Author” recognized this in their 2013 release, “Forward Forever”, and set about stitching together scattered pages into a cohesive, digestible entity. What emerged was an immersive cloud of intrigue, billowing out from a cigarillo gleaming like the eye of Sauron. Rhythms sway like the embrace of mother and child while brass menageries are tastefully textured in with airy harmony and arpeggiated piano.

Dubstep as a genre deserved to be heaped together in a town square and set ablaze. Author’s latest work did just that; allowing a phoenix of musicality to burst forth from a dying cultural trope. “Forward Forever” is a giant leap for mankind into a world of organic composition and evolution. Ray Bradbury would be proud.

Featured Image by: Iurii Kovalenko