These Artists May Change Your Perspective on Classical Music

by on March 2, 2015

   Classical music. So many are familiar with it, but very few are connoisseurs. It’s a genre that can only be spectated, and not duplicated by singing along; it is a true art. For this reason, many are not able to become avid listeners of the genre, and bypass it’s ability to emote passion and complexity. But here are three artists that may change your mind.

   Balmorhea was founded by members Rob Lowe and Michael Muller in 2006. The band consists of six instruments inspired by the Texas folklore of their West Texas hometown. They rely on nature and stories to inspire them, as well as each other. Their songs remind you of peace that only nature can provide; very nostalgic.

  Nuttin’ But Stringz is a violin duet consisting of brothers, Damien and Tourie Escobar. They began practicing the violin at ages 8 and 9 years old, and would artistically express themselves from hereon. First appearing on America’s Got Talent in 2008, they first introduced the country to hip-hop inspired classical music. Their solo album release, Struggle from the Subway to the Charts consists of this fusion; a perfect soundtrack for the inspiring choreographer or walking down the street. Their music is inspirational for resilient individuals needing a lift in their day.

   Kris Bowers sits in the background of the hip-hop and R&B scene, but definitely in the forefront for jazz and classical music, being honored as winner of the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Piano Competition in 2011. With influences of Duke Ellington and Robert Glasper, his music is pure ecstasy and ease, and will definitely not put you to sleep. He has released one album, Heroes + Misfits (2014).