A Coloring Book for Adults: I Love My Hair

by on July 22, 2015

   Remember the days of staying in the lines and using your 12 pack of crayons to brighten every page of your coloring book? If you don’t, Andrea Pippin’s latest book is sure to remind you. Does it reminisce about the days of childhood? Not quite — in fact, it’s much simpler than that: it’s a coloring book for adults.

   I Love My Hair is as cool as its title sounds. Celebrating the beauty of hair, this book is “a coloring book of braids, coils, and doodle dos.” Filled with patterned and whimsical designs, adults can take a moment to relax while coloring in the pictures. The types of hairstyles in the book range from mohawks to up-dos, and all of them carry messages of self empowerment. Coloring and encouragement? Now that’s something we can’t get enough of.

   There is one question that I Love My Hair brings to our minds, and that is the idea of building the genre of adult coloring books. Color, it seems, is an extremely therapeutic activity — so why should it be limited to children? If you’ve ever caught yourself doodling on a napkin in a restaurant or sketching something on the bottom of a card you’re about to mail, you probably know what we’re talking about.

   Allowing the brain to stop focusing on stressful aspects of one’s life, when you color you actually preoccupy your mind with an activity that is simple but beautiful. Imagine if your boss asked you to do something stressful at work, and if instead of freaking out, you sat down for ten minutes and colored in a page from this book? Chances are, once you’re finished, you’ll be feeling a little bit more at ease. It’s just an idea, but it seems like a great one to us. Mandatory coloring breaks, anyone? Something to think about…

Featured Image: Penguin Random House