A Villain Reborn: Revisiting the Watercolor Paintings of Marilyn Manson

by on September 24, 2014

As Marilyn Manson penetrates Twitter with his recent addition to the cast of the hit FX series Sons of Anarchy (and rumblings of a new album), we are reminded of another favored medium of the multifaceted artist – watercolor painting.

Angelina | 30" X 22" | Watercolor, Ink, Enamel, Acrylic

Angelina | 30″ X 22″ | Watercolor, Ink, Enamel, Acrylic

As far back as 1998, Manson has created visually arresting images which, though not entirely devoid of unsettling allusions, owe more to the playful lightness often associated with watercolors than to any subconscious shadow of overarching mood.  In fact, that shadow – according to Manson – provides the necessary push and pull required for truly accomplished work, especially within the Manson-spearheaded Celebritarian Corporation art movement.  “We will sell our shadow to those who stand within it,” he told MTV in 2005.  “[This movement] represents the only place where art can possibly go after surrealism and Dada.”

“Oh, I’m scared now.” | 30" X 22" | Watercolor
“Oh, I’m scared now.” | 30″ X 22″ | Watercolor
Trismegistus | 23" X 7" X 38" | Watercolor painted on embalming table

Trismegistus | 23″ X 7″ X 38″ | Watercolor painted on embalming table

Featured Images by Marilyn Manson