Ancient Roman Mosaics With A Modern Pop Culture Twist

by on May 28, 2015

   Having problems with a pesky pothole outside your house? No worries. Artist Jim Bachor can fix that up with a creative pop art solution straight out of a time machine.

   Using ancient Roman mosaic techniques and fancy bits of Italian glass and marble, Bachor will whip up an ironic piece of modern art nostalgia that will fill the gap in your troublesome road contours and make your street a statement piece at the same time.

  Bachor’s initial Chicago piece simply, and hilariously read ‘pothole.’ Subsequent pieces have touched on everything from re-mixed breakfast cereal puns to re-cast portraits of famous pop culture figures. His latest series ‘Treats in the Streets’ focuses on the deliciously, now-muddy joys of ice cream.

Bachor's original Chicago 'Pothole.'

Bachor’s original Chicago ‘Pothole.’

Bachor's 'Pink Panther Flakes' from his “Jentaculum” series.

Bachor’s ‘Pink Panther Flakes’ from his “Jentaculum” series.