Ann Veronica Janssens: Trip the Light Fantastic

by on April 30, 2015

    Contemporary artist Ann Veronica Jannsens works primarily with light. Her installations, including “Blue, Red, and Yellow” as seen in the video below, are more than shifting light. Janssens bases her works on the science of how the brain perceives certain colors and the emotions that are evoked when the colors change from one to another. Janssens says of her approach, “My projects are often based on technical or scientific facts. The resulting plastic proposition is then akin to a laboratory revealing its discoveries. Cognition, reflexes, meanings and psychology lie at the heart of these experimentations.”

   Ann Veronica Janssens currently resides in Brussels, Belgium. To see more of her work head over to her webpage.

All artwork is property and copyright Ann Veronica Janssens. 2015.