Artist Crafts Lacy Public Jewelry Around The World

by on May 11, 2015

NeSpoon up against a spray-painted piece in the urban jungle.

   Some people are cleaning up the streets. Others are decorating.

   Polish artist NeSpoon is adding a whimsical touch of flair to cities around the world. She’s already covered unlikely urban environments in Australia, Portugal, and Tunisia with intricate lace designs as part of her ‘public jewelry’ series.

   Some of her pieces are simply sprayed on buildings, boats, and electrical boxes. Others are carved in to clay she uses to patch up sidewalks and tree trunks. Still others are made from yarn stretched across windows, driftwood, and official installations. She’s on a mission to beautify the world—one city and one stencil at a time.


NeSpoon‘s lacy addition to an Italian sidewalk.




Patching up a tree with a delicate pattern in clay.