Artist Explores the Ghosts of the Past

by on October 9, 2015

   Anyone who has traveled to Europe is familiar with the haunting abandoned churches scattered across the continent. For years these churches have served as a tourist attractions and this eerie church, called the Church of Nine Ghosts, in the Czech Republic is no different.


          Faced with potential structural failure of the historic medieval church that has been attributed to a long believed curse on the town of Lukova, local artist Jakub Hadrava took it upon himself to protect and preserve the church. Taking a note from the aged and ailing plaster walls and the dusty pews, Hadrava brought new life to the church by exposing the ghosts of the past. The church’s real name is St. George’s, but the global popularity of the church has rewritten the fate and history of the church. As tourists all over the world have come to see the ghostly spectacle, St. George’s has been preserved through the donations of curious tourists and the thoughtful artistic contributions of Jakub Hadrava.


Featured Images by Celine Hu via Urban Ghosts