Flashback: Athletes That Have Pursued Music

by on June 9, 2015

   Who says you can’t have more than one talent? Whoever has this opinion, apparently has not phased the pursuits of professional athletes. Yes, they are talented in pushing their physiques to limits that the average just cannot reach, but how many have been just as successful in other mediums, such as music? Here are a few athletes that have mistakingly and rightfully pursued a music career.


1. Shaquille O’Neal

I hazily remember Shaquille O’Neal’s rap career. And although I was very young, his appearance in the ’90s kid movie, Kazaam, is an image that stuck with me. He was a rapping genie that coined the term “boom-shacka-lacka,” which gives one an idea of his emcee skills. However, O’Neal has had success concerning his music career. Releasing several albums and even topping the Billboard top 100 list.


2. Deion Sanders

Has conquered both professional football and baseball, making him a multi-faceted athlete. And in the ’90s he embarked on a short-lived music career. His music videos were very much glamorized and frankly, outshined his singing/rapping abilities. His ’94 hit “Must Zbe The Money,” received s lot of buzz, but listeners knew that he would never outshine Tupac. Still, his music career showed fans that he was a man of many pursuits.


3. Alan Iverson

Although he only released one track, (“40 Bars”) Iverson may have the best musical talent in the last. Although not ascharasnatic as O’Neal, his wordplay is respectable and had a storyline. With a rap coach by his side he could have produced more hits, potentially. But he may have realized that he was more passionate in basketball. An equally respectable medium to pursue.