Autumne de Wilde’s Colorful Reflections On Time, Light, And…Cars?

by on August 19, 2015


   Nothing could break up the arid landscape of sunny California’s dry, remote hinterlands quite like these two jewel-toned houses from photographer Autumne de Wilde installation “Lighting, Layers, and Reflection.”

   Part mirror, part tinted plexi-glass, de Wilde wanted to build something that would interact with time—changing it’s own tones, and the hues of the landscape around it as the sun rose, passed by, and set beyond her colorful designs.

   Initially commissioned by Cadillac as the backdrop to a 2015 Escalade commercial, the long-term fate of the installation remain unclear. Have they been left out in the desert for other intrepid drivers to discover ? Or were these colorful temporal reflections only an incredibly brief alteration to the timeless landscape of nature?

Autumn-de-Wilde-Coloured-Boxes-Yellowtrace-11 Autumn-de-Wilde-Coloured-Boxes-Yellowtrace-12