Breakout: Kheyra Takes Flight

by on June 17, 2015

   Kheyra released her debut album, Take Flight, last week and it is effortlessly fly (pun intended). The album includes 16 tracks, a generous amount of songs for listeners to really get to know her musically. Her voice is as full as her album. With jazz influences and gospel tendencies, Kheyra’s debut album is truthful, uplifting and calming. Here are a few tracks to get you on board.

1. “That Somebody’s You” is a different kind of love song. Kheyra asks, how can one tell someone they love someone if that someone is them? See, confusing. But at the same time it perfectly makes sense. The tune is catchy and addicting to sing along to.

2. “Pocket Full of Kisses” is the quintessential love song. It is very reminding of a Chrisette Michelle or Jill Scott track, but very unique in tone. She has just the right amount of rasp and clarity in the song.

3. “Time Machine” is very much gospel-infused. This up-tempo track explains the woes of becoming an adult. But unlike the sad realization of growing older, the track is oppositely cheerful. Kheyra exclaims that she wishes she had a time machine to go back to simpler times in her life, a relevant testimony for many young adults.

4. “Royalty” is a queenly anthem. Encouraging women to walk in the respect that they deserve. She reminds women of the rich lineage of women before them, and to live life in their royal highness.