Can Dance Solve All the World’s Problems?

by on July 14, 2015
Photo Credit: Tap World

Photo Credit: Tap World

   A new documentary called “Tap World,” aims to lay down a foundation of dance’s influence. This melding of clips from avid tap dancers highlights the zeal and pure love for tap dancing, showcased by beginning tappers to professionals making their living off fast-moving feet. The thought that many of these dancers in this documentary passionately share is that dance serves as a healthy option for both distraction from life’s problems, as well as a diffuser for hostile environments. Much like the efforts behind bringing young people into sports, music, art, and debate, does the basis of crisis solving begin in a pastime?

   For many the answer is a stark yes. Pockets of tappers internationally share the love of the rhythm, the ability to create music with feet and metal taps. It is a community that brings varieties of backgrounds and socioeconomic standings to a common plane.

   I share the sentiment put forth in this documentary. Dance aids in times of difficulty, serving as the catharsis for seemingly insurmountable problems. Seeking out dance— particularly the sometimes forgotten world of tap— ushers you into an environment of creativity and determination for achievement. Much like the variety of other styles of dancing that lead dancers on the precarious path to a profession, tap holds its own in a world where the triumphs of dancing onstage before grand audiences whittles itself down to the feeling of joy that comes from just dancing.