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The Fight for the National Mall: The Devaluing Of The U.S.

by Terrin Glasson October 14, 2015
  Recently, I read an article on NPR that posed a slightly unsettling question: Do we really need the National Mall? For those that might be reading this from a country outside of the United States, which is highly likely. The National Mall is located in Washington D.C. and is a government funded park that […]

Amanda Palmer As The Nude Patron Saint Of Children’s Literacy

by Ash M. Richteron August 28, 2015
  Amanda Palmer strikes again.    The indefatigable avante garde whirlwind refuses to let her pregnancy slow down her art.    At eight months pregnant, the artist, musician, modern philosopher and ultimate Renaissance woman-of-the-future stripped down, painted up, and stood nude in front of the New York Public Library for the day as a living […]

Street Dancers Seek to Close the Gap in Rio

by Claire Meyeron August 26, 2015
   As preparations come together for the upcoming Olympics in Rio, many parts of Brazil yearn to see some of the facelift the chosen city is receiving. Those who are poor or marginalized seem to be forgotten as millions of dollars are poured into new infrastructure and stadiums to prepare for the games.In particular, the […]

The History of Electronic Music May Be Older Than You Think!

by Terrin Glasson August 20, 2015
      Electronic music has been a part of our music history for longer than you’d think. The film “I Dream of Wires” explores the origins of electronic music through experimentation and the creation of the first synthesizers that evolved from early electronic instruments like the theremin and the oscillator.    As it turns […]

The Hysterical Literature Orgasm Project Will Make You Go Ahhh

by Ash M. Richteron August 14, 2015
   What’s sexier than a woman with a book? How about a lady on camera reading her favorite book while she’s being stimulated off screen?    Clayton Cubitt’s “Hysterical Literature” Project invites women to do just that—read to the camera while a vibrator pushes all of their pleasure centers.    Starting with alt-porn star Stoya […]

Kelela is Mandatory Listening

by Terrin Glasson August 13, 2015
   You can tell from the first listen that Kelela doesn’t paint inside the lines. Her stunningly disjointed electronic sound confronts you boldly, but never overpowers her hauntingly elegant R&B vocals. Clearly inspired by artists like Björk and Solange Knowles, Kelela is set to pushed to the front of the progressive R&B scene.    LA-based […]

Exploring Dance As A Sport

by Claire Meyeron August 13, 2015
   Dance has long received flack as falling on the more reserved side of the family of athletics. Anyone who has been through the strenuous tests of strength, balance, cardio, and agility will tell you very simply that this is not the case. Dance is up there with the most demanding of organized sports. The football […]

Camila Comes to Life

by Jenna Austinon August 12, 2015
   It’s been a good couple of years for Madeliene L’engle fans as news of “A Wrinkle in Time” is currently being shepherded into the world by the director of “Frozen”. But more good news has come in the form of the movie “Camilla Dickinson”, which is based off of another one of Madeleine’s books, […]

Summer Albums You May Have Missed

by Terrin Glasson August 11, 2015
   The summer will soon be over, but the songs of the summer live on. While everyone was doing the Whip and Nae Nae, other artists made some incredible albums that explored the diverse moods of summer. Lianne La Havas – Blood    Lianne La Havas’ sultry voice is highlighted in her album “Blood” by subdued […]

Forget Donating Organs. Donate A Body to Dance.

by Claire Meyeron August 4, 2015
   Say what you will, but Icelandic artist Snorri Asmundsson has tenacity and an unfaltering creative aura, to be sure. He is currently looking for a participant, close to dying or likely terminally ill, to participate in his newest, borderline morbid dance piece. In an open letter to the Facebook world, he writes: “I need a […]