Visual Arts

In the Cracks: The Photography of Bing Wright

by Terrin Glasson November 23, 2015
Just take a moment and enjoy the beautiful chaos of Bing Wright’s incredible portraits.   Wright uses broken mirrors to reflect what many consider mundane scenic photos. See more of Bing Wright’s work and remember to break up your day every once and awhile. Go outside and try to see things in a different light.

Ella & Pitr Reframed

by Terrin Glasson November 5, 2015
  If you are familiar with the street art scene in Paris, then Ella & Pitr’s quirky approach to street art will be familiar. But if their playful pieces are new to you, then you’re in for a treat.   Ella and Pitr are known for creating comical sleeping giants throughout the streets and rooftops […]

Where Fashion And Literature Meet…There’s #LiterarySwag

by Terrin Glasson October 30, 2015
Who says you can’t be fashionable and smart?    As a firm believer in the concept of adorning your brain, as well as, your body when I heard about the #LiterarySwag movement.  A movement that has been enlightening Twitter and Instagram users  about the joys and importance of reading and fashion I knew this was a […]

Artist Explores the Ghosts of the Past

by Terrin Glasson October 9, 2015
   Anyone who has traveled to Europe is familiar with the haunting abandoned churches scattered across the continent. For years these churches have served as a tourist attractions and this eerie church, called the Church of Nine Ghosts, in the Czech Republic is no different.           Faced with potential structural failure […]

Sam Winston’s Modern Gods Revives The Ancient Scroll

by Ash M. Richteron August 28, 2015
“Book” has become a transient sort of word.    It used to be easy to define— Made of paper pulp, binding, and wisdom, it was something you cracked open for a good story or access to information. But now we’ve gone digital and ‘books’ no longer only come in physical form.    As cheeky protest […]

Remembering the Man Who Made the World Laugh

by Jenna Austinon August 28, 2015
Just over a year ago news of the death of Robin Williams spread like wildfire on social media. An outpouring of love for the man who made the world laugh was immediate, both towards his family and legions of fans. Some people chose to pay tribute to the actor and comedian with their art. Graffiti […]

Taking Street Art to the Water Ways

by Jenna Austinon August 28, 2015
For New York-based artist Sean Yoro (aka Hula), making art on city walls must not have been enough. Instead, Hula grabbed his paddleboard and acrylics and hit the waters of his native Hawaii. Hula glides around the water in search of a place to paint, and then pulls off a balancing act while creating stunning […]

Amanda Palmer As The Nude Patron Saint Of Children’s Literacy

by Ash M. Richteron August 28, 2015
  Amanda Palmer strikes again.    The indefatigable avante garde whirlwind refuses to let her pregnancy slow down her art.    At eight months pregnant, the artist, musician, modern philosopher and ultimate Renaissance woman-of-the-future stripped down, painted up, and stood nude in front of the New York Public Library for the day as a living […]

The Making of a Squirrel: Lonac

by Jenna Austinon August 26, 2015
   Lonac is a Croatian graffiti artist that got his start early on in elementary school. He’s best known for his hyper realistic murals that he has up around England and Croatia. He got his start by doing a mural on the wall of his elementary school, and his art teacher was so impressed she […]

Diamonds Are An Artist’s Best Friends

by Jenna Austinon August 26, 2015
   Kurt Pio is an artist who loves getting into the details of his work. As multifaceted as the diamonds that he pains, Pio is also a seasoned milliner and works at artfully preserving plants and herbs. He says hoping around between mediums is because he gets bored, but loves to paint. Evidenced by his […]