Artist Explores the Ghosts of the Past

by Terrin Glasson October 9, 2015
   Anyone who has traveled to Europe is familiar with the haunting abandoned churches scattered across the continent. For years these churches have served as a tourist attractions and this eerie church, called the Church of Nine Ghosts, in the Czech Republic is no different.           Faced with potential structural failure […]

Long-Bin Chen’s Buddhas Are Full Of Surprises

by Ash M. Richteron August 24, 2015
   At first glance, Taiwanese artist Long-Bin Chen‘s sculptural portraits of the Buddha appear to be carved from traditional materials like marble and wood. They’re not.    The myriad masterpieces at the core of his ‘World Buddha Project’ are actually carved from outdated phone books. Cutaways in his sculptures are left ‘open’ to reveal his […]

Autumne de Wilde’s Colorful Reflections On Time, Light, And…Cars?

by Ash M. Richteron August 19, 2015
   Nothing could break up the arid landscape of sunny California’s dry, remote hinterlands quite like these two jewel-toned houses from photographer Autumne de Wilde installation “Lighting, Layers, and Reflection.”    Part mirror, part tinted plexi-glass, de Wilde wanted to build something that would interact with time—changing it’s own tones, and the hues of the […]

Anastassia Elias is on a Roll. Literally.

by Jenna Austinon July 30, 2015
Illustrating on paper and canvas can sometimes seem a little old-fashioned. For Paris based artist Anastassia Elias, new inspiration came in the form of a toilet paper roll.    A staple of Pinterest DIYers, the toilet paper roll has taken on a new life. For Elias, it’s become a new sort of canvas. She plans […]

Staring Down The Literary Abyss

by Ash M. Richteron July 8, 2015
All 56 of the installations at this year’s annual Sculpture By The Sea in Aarhus, Denmark were stunning. But Swedish artist Susanna Hesselberg‘s contribution ““When My Father Died It Was Like a Whole Library Had Burned Down,” is the one that’s taken the internet by storm. The in-ground illusion plummets a mysterious library deep into […]

Brazilian Artists Turns Ropes Into Masterpieces That Look Alive

by Ash M. Richteron July 7, 2015
   Brazil-based artists Janiana Mello and Daniel Landini of Mello + Landini are the creative gods of rope tricks.    Since 2010 they’ve exhibited 17 variations on living ropes that transform the simple twine into a living medium. Like the earlier iterations, their most recent show ‘Ciclotrama‘ twists their medium into a “choreography of intertwining lines” […]

Playing on the Net: Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam

by Jenna Austinon June 29, 2015
Imagine a vast playground covered end to end with crocheted webs that you could not only look at, but interact with. For Japanese artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam, that image is a reality. The artist began exploring textiles in the 1970’s, and in 1979 was commissioned to design a sculpture that children could play on. The […]

Ernesto Neto’s Net Nests

by Jenna Austinon June 23, 2015
Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto has been bridging art and interaction in his works since the 1990’s. His main mission is to bring about installations that are as fun to engage with as they are to view. Neto also ties in man made materials with natural ones, and seeks to create a spiritual experience in an […]

Robert Janson’s Floating Plastic Bag Installation

by Jenna Austinon June 22, 2015
It seems inspired from a line in a Katy Perry song, but these plastic bags weren’t meant to drift along on the wind. The plastic bag installation was conceived during a workshop event at Lund’s University. The team of Swedish artists including, Robert Janson, worked to incorporate everyday items such as plastic bags into moving […]

The Stunning Reflective Installations Of Iranian Artist Shirin Abedinirad

by Ash M. Richteron June 18, 2015
   “Evocation” and “Heaven on Earth” are two of the latest visual pieces from emerging powerhouse visual artist Shirin Abedinirad. The paired projects temporarily juxtapose mirrored surfaces to reflect the sky and anything that passes across it, in a rural and urban setting respectively.   The contrasting settings evoke the duality of Abedinirad’s own existence […]