Public Art

Remembering the Man Who Made the World Laugh

by Jenna Austinon August 28, 2015
Just over a year ago news of the death of Robin Williams spread like wildfire on social media. An outpouring of love for the man who made the world laugh was immediate, both towards his family and legions of fans. Some people chose to pay tribute to the actor and comedian with their art. Graffiti […]

Taking Street Art to the Water Ways

by Jenna Austinon August 28, 2015
For New York-based artist Sean Yoro (aka Hula), making art on city walls must not have been enough. Instead, Hula grabbed his paddleboard and acrylics and hit the waters of his native Hawaii. Hula glides around the water in search of a place to paint, and then pulls off a balancing act while creating stunning […]

Amanda Palmer As The Nude Patron Saint Of Children’s Literacy

by Ash M. Richteron August 28, 2015
  Amanda Palmer strikes again.    The indefatigable avante garde whirlwind refuses to let her pregnancy slow down her art.    At eight months pregnant, the artist, musician, modern philosopher and ultimate Renaissance woman-of-the-future stripped down, painted up, and stood nude in front of the New York Public Library for the day as a living […]

Dismally Ever After: 10 Things I Thought When I Saw Dismaland

by Jenna Austinon August 24, 2015
1. Bansky is still cool. 2. Dismaland was largely kept a secret. Keeping a mock theme park filled with work by 60+ artists had to have taken a trick out of the Fight Club’s playbook. No one involved with Dismaland talks about Dismaland!!! 3. British people can be rude after all. Even if they’re getting […]

David Angenjo: Painting in the Moment

by Jenna Austinon July 30, 2015
   David Agenjo is a London based artist that has lived and worked around the world in places such as China, New York, Mumbai and Dublin.      Agenjo is an entirely self-taught painter, who says on his website bio that he, “[…] has not become embroiled in an obsession with a conceptual avant-garde.”     […]

China’s Wooden Orchid

by Jenna Austinon July 22, 2015
   Eco-responsibility and shopping might not seem to go hand in hand. But for Vincent Callebaut Architectures, it’s not as much of a pipe dream as it seems. The group entered their designs for “Wooden Orchid” to the International Union of Architects’ Mont Lu Estate of the World Architecture Competition. “Wooden Orchid” was meant to […]

Playing on the Net: Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam

by Jenna Austinon June 29, 2015
Imagine a vast playground covered end to end with crocheted webs that you could not only look at, but interact with. For Japanese artist Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam, that image is a reality. The artist began exploring textiles in the 1970’s, and in 1979 was commissioned to design a sculpture that children could play on. The […]

Ancient Roman Mosaics With A Modern Pop Culture Twist

by Ash M. Richteron May 28, 2015
   Having problems with a pesky pothole outside your house? No worries. Artist Jim Bachor can fix that up with a creative pop art solution straight out of a time machine.    Using ancient Roman mosaic techniques and fancy bits of Italian glass and marble, Bachor will whip up an ironic piece of modern art […]

Brazil’s Rare Bottle Nosed Fish

by Jenna Austinon May 4, 2015
    Brazil might have the rarest species of fish known to man. The Bottle Nose fish is capable of living on land and glows in the dark. They are also capable of getting to approximately ten feet tall.     These aren’t real fish, sadly. Instead they were constructed from discarded plastic bottles. The […]

A Lighthouse without a Sea

by Jenna Austinon April 22, 2015
   A group of art students from Germany saw a chance to transform boring, uninspiring electrical towers into massive works of art. By inserting stain glass in between the beams, the towers became what the students called “Lighthouses”, and provide a kaleidoscopic experience to an otherwise dull landscape. The urban artwork was installed in 2010 […]