Celebrating a New Generation of Folk and Soul Music

by on February 17, 2015

Folk music and soul music. Today, they seem like very distant cousins, but in reality they are closer than siblings. Folk music derived from oral storytelling that was passed down from generation-to-generation by way of music.

Considering it’s black history month, folk music is a huge tradition within African-American culture. Many gospel hymns have been passed down from generation-to-generation as a prayer of hope and strength, and it is common knowledge that the most soulful singers in black music (i.e., Aretha Franklin, James Brown) began singing in church. So in reality, folk, gospel and soul music are all in the same family tree. Folk began the tradition of storytelling, gospel harnessed that storytelling into songs of hope and passion; and soul merged the two.

Below are a list of songs from emerging folk and soul artists, who are holding onto the old traditions, and redefining some as well. Enjoy.

1. “Money Tree” – Caroline Glaser


2. “Have You Seen My Son?” – Benjamin Booker

3. “Count On You” – Christian Gregory

4. “Supernatural” – KING

Featured Image by Mitch Altman