Chargaux: Two Baroque Artists

by on June 11, 2015

   Chargaux is comprised of members Charly and Margaux, two string composers, performers and singers. Together they are an visual arts and music collective emerging from New York subway stations to stages and headphones nationwide.

  They met by pure luck. Margaux, who plays the viola, saw Charly, who plays the violin, on a street corner in Boston as she was walking from her corporate job. Margaux introduced herself to Charly and suggested that they jam together sometime. After a few jam sessions the two created Chargaux and are still strong three years later.

   Their debut EP, Broke and Baroque is a compilation of 10 songs reflecting their identity as emerging artists.

   The EP begins with the track, “Hustling,” which is a narration of how the two got to where they are today as artists; a storytelling element that is used throughout the EP. Another standout track is “I’m So Pretty.” This track showcases both Charly and Margaux’s voices and instrumentation imageperfectly- without one outweighing the other.

   The execution of their songs are purposeful and can open a listener’s mind with or without the use of lyrics; Chargaux’s musicianship shines through. The track, “Lullaby” is a perfect example of this. It’s very peaceful and soothing like, well, a lullaby. But don’t worry, it won’t put you to sleep, (unless you allow it to) but instead it inspires meditation or creativity.

   This creative duo is colorful not only in their music, but in their shows as well. The pair often combines their live performances with art shows to showcase their visual arts talent. Their fashion has also received notoriety as well. With their ever-changing hairstyles and expressive outfit choices.

   This duo is shining a new light on female composers, vocalists and artists and are encouraging others to embrace the world of the baroque artist.

Featured Image by Kia Chenelle via Chargaux Gallery