Chicago’s North Coast Festival: What To Expect

by on June 26, 2015


  The North Coast Music Fest in Chicago is set for Labor Day weekend 2015. It is a three-day festival with jam-packed lineups for each day ranging in EDM, jam, and rap genres. The festival will be held in the infamous Union Park which can hold thousands of music lovers. The price ranges from $69 for one day to $120 for three-day General admission. A pretty reasonable price for the amount of featured artists a fest-goer will be able to enjoy.

   Artists include: The Chemical Britters, D’Angelo and The Vanguards, Macy Gray, Steve Aoki, Wale, Chromeo, and tons of other bands and artists. If you’re only wanting to commit to one day I would recommend attending the fest on Saturday; the lineup on this day is one of the highlights of the festival, here is why.

D’Angelo and The Vanguards

One of the originators of neo-soul, D’angelo and husband The Vanguards are one of the headliners of the fest. His recent hit, “Really Love,” have allowed his fans to get over the almost-decade hiatus he took from music. This set is definitely something to look forward to.

Steve Aoki

If you love EDM or electro-house music, Steve Aoki can definitely get the party started. He’s worked with an array of artists from Lil Jon to Fall Out Boy, as well as his own chart-topping singles. The perfect fit to turn this music fest into a dance party.

The Roots

Not too much to explain. The Roots are the first hip hop group to merge instrumentation and lyricism to make a sound that is effortlessly cool. You wouldn’t want to miss this performance!

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