Choice Video: Big Sean – “I Don’t Fuck With You” ft. E-40

by on November 11, 2014

2014 has been good to Big Sean.  Though he never stooped low enough to consider any of this a comeback, his recent upswing – particularly the release of a brief EP’s worth of new songs two months ago – has elevated Sean’s status in ways last year’s Hall of Fame album couldn’t quite manage.

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In a dual act of poetic thankfulness and humorous juxtaposition, Kanye West portrays Sean’s coach in the new video for “I Don’t Fuck With You,” one of the impossible-to-ignore standouts from the aforementioned batch of status-raising tracks.  A frequent supporter, producer, and collaborator with Sean, West’s appearance doesn’t so much act as a stamp of approval (as they’ve appeared together several times before “IDFWU”) as it does an act of glorious “I told you so.”  Simply put, when Kanye believes in someone – keep paying attention until he or she surprises you.  Watch the video for “IDFWU” below.

Featured Image | Big Sean