Choice Video: Son Lux – “Easy”

by on October 21, 2014

The sensual immediacy at the heart of “Easy,” taken from the album Lanterns, is astutely captured by director David Terry Fine in the song’s respective clip.  Shot in striking black-and-white, with the absence of color giving way to patches of darkness which only heighten the tension of the slow pulse of “Easy,” Fine’s touch is a complementary one.

Picture 12

Incorporating elements of bondage and painful bursts of age-driven nostalgia, “Easy” is (almost!) the story of someone realizing that nostalgia is a dangerous act of placing past events on a pedestal (even if that means tying them up for such a display), and that such a view is profoundly jaundiced.  The internal existential ponderings (and impending personal exploration) showcased in “Easy” add a new dimension to the Son Lux spectrum – one of erratic but mature introspection.  Pair this viewing with a rewatch of their equally remarkable clip for “Lantern’s Lit.”