“Cuddles”: Two Sisters’ Bloodsucking Trials

by on June 25, 2015
Photo Credit: Julieta Cervantes

Photo Credit: Julieta Cervantes

   In Joseph Wilde’s ultimately creepy sibling relationship (creepy in a different way, Lannisters) that unfolds in Cuddles, sisters are propelled in different directions because of one very distinct power play. Older sister, Tabby, is holding younger sister, Eve, as prisoner because she is a vampire. Hoping to morph her into a semblance of a human, Tabby indulges her thirst for blood, but becomes violent when Eve disobeys her. As the two grow up— and there are only two actresses in this entire performance— we witness the strange bond that holds sisters together, despite insurmountable variables.

   Typically now with all of the Twilight fanfare, vampire tales seem to have lost some of their luster. This story livens things up, however, with a much more adult twist. Eve’s coming into puberty leads her to exploration of her body, as well as curiosity about socializing outside of the room she is locked in.

   An eerie set with just a few tables and chairs, a bed, and a few pails for waste gives the whole story an even creepier feel. One of the main themes of this performance is that of guilt and manipulation, strongly onset by Tabby’s need to maintain dominance over her little sister. She yearns for her acceptance, as well as for Eve to be accepted by society as a normal human girl. Despite Tabby’s attempts to force her to eat human food, she finds a life outside of the secluded attic in which she keeps Eve, moving on from the power she chooses to wield over her sister.

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