Daily Showdown: YouTube’s Best Choreographers

by on July 7, 2014

Notice: All hairography was removed from this list!

It’s impossible to miss ALL of the dance videos on YouTube. Everywhere you look dancers are showing off their moves to the nearest webcam. Hell, I think I have a dance video out there somewhere!

But who are the champions of choreography on YouTube? Here are some of the contenders:

Matt Steffanina

Matt’s blend between sharp Hip Hop choreography and exciting videography has made him a YouTube favorite.



Megan sets herself apart from other choreographers on YouTube by offering comedic and insightful narratives with her choreography. If you’ve had an impulse to start dancing in everyday situations, you’ll love Megan’s videos.


Mega Jam (Jasmine Meakin)

This Aussie dance troop has a loyal global following and is led by the talented, Jasmin Meakin. Always expect the hottest tracks to be featured on Jasmin’s  videos. The team at Mega Jam even does tutorials.



didntinviteme (J.R. Taylor)

J.R. Taylor’s moves are a FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH on YouTube. The folks at didntinviteme don’t have nearly as many followers as they deserve. Go to their page and subscribe…NOW.




Kyle’s videos feature careful styling of his dancers, great videography, and top notch Hip Hop and Modern choreography with various relatable thematic elements.


Tell us your favorite YouTube Choreographer? Who else should have been on this list?

Photo Courtesy of rawartistsmedia on Flickr Creative Commons