DAIN to Reign

by on July 30, 2015

   The streets of New York City are home and muse to many artists. For many of them, anonymity is a preferred way of life. Being somewhat anonymous allows the artists to remain free to practice and hone their craft.



   One such street artist is DAIN. Elusive as he is, his work speaks for itself. Large canvases of old Hollywood actresses stare out at you and intrigue you to look closer.

dain 4


   For DAIN the process is multifaceted. He begins his compositions in the studio, where he starts off with a black and white image of a screen siren, then combines imagery from old logos and vintage advertisements and paint. His signature is a circle and drip around the eye of his subject.

dain 2

    Once out of the studio, the images are scanned and printed. Then they are off to decorate the streets of the city, from walls to mail boxes and whatever else needs beautifying.

   DAIN’s work often gets described as ‘sexy’, and the way he sees it is that women can be sexy only by revealing their eyes and leaving the rest to the imagination. Most of his portraits feature women’s heads on men’s bodies. A strange contradiction, but for him beauty is more than the physical appearance and more in the way someone looks at you.

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