Dali Meets Anderson In Todd Baxter’s Project Astoria

by on August 3, 2015
"Astronauts and Tapirs" Todd Baxter on Behance

“Astronauts and Tapirs” Todd Baxter on Behance

  For photographer Todd Baxter, the devil is in the details.

   The photo shoots for his dreamscapes are painstakingly planned out and pieced together during post-editing to create the surrealist blend that’s being lauded as a combination of artist Salvador Dali and director Wes Anderson.

   His newest ice cream colored series “Project Astoria” pits wandering child explorers against imaginary brave new worlds in a mod visual concoction. Don’t get too distracted by the main movement of the image though, take a deeper look for the mouse skeletons, individual grass blades, and other embedded intricacies that Baxter has tucked away into the corners of his epic masterpieces.

"Boy in Winter Uniform #1" Todd Baxter on Behance

“Boy in Winter Uniform #1” Todd Baxter on Behance

"Station 6 In The Rain" Todd Baxter on Behance

“Station 6 In The Rain” Todd Baxter on Behance