David Lynch and the Yeezus Video That Never Was

by on September 2, 2014

Twin Peaks fan or not, no one can reasonably deny the far-reaching influence of seminal artist David Lynch in virtually every medium of expression.  Thus, it should come as no surprise to hear that a Kanye West / David Lynch collaboration almost happened.  The source of such a beautifully paired duo of inimitable creative voices was the Kanye West track “Blood on the Leaves,” taken from his 2013 landmark achievement Yeezus.  “Kanye came up to the house one day,” said Lynch in a recent interview with The Daily Beast.  “[He’s] a good guy, and a great musician.  I love the song, and that’s what brought us together, but I couldn’t come up with ideas that thrilled either of us.”  Check out Kanye’s “Blood on the Leaves” and Lynch’s Ice Bucket Challenge clips below, and ponder the possibilities therein.

Featured Image by Brad Elterman