Dismally Ever After: 10 Things I Thought When I Saw Dismaland

by on August 24, 2015

1. Bansky is still cool.

2. Dismaland was largely kept a secret.

Keeping a mock theme park filled with work by 60+ artists had to have taken a trick out of the Fight Club’s playbook. No one involved with Dismaland talks about Dismaland!!!

3. British people can be rude after all.

Even if they’re getting paid to do pat downs and handle guests roughly, who knew they’d be so good at it?

dismaland 1

4. If you’re going to learn about anarchy, rebellion, and revolution there’s no better place than a theme park.

5. Although Banksy is the main name associated with Dismaland, he features only ten works of his own. Leaves lots of room for the other featured artists to shine. Or in this case, be dismal.

6. Your inner goth will be overjoyed. Or at least slightly less cranky.

7. Instead of princesses, you get Pussy Riot, which is way better. They’ll be performing on September 25th.

8. This would make a great location for a horror movie. Get on it, Bansky.

9. You have a better chance of getting into Dismaland than you do of spotting Benedict Cumberbatch. Check here for ticket information.

10. Do you have to exit through the gift shop?