Donnie Trumpet & the Social Experiment Teach Us How To Surf

by on June 2, 2015

    Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment randomly released their new LP, Surf for free on iTunes, and it’s the most feel-good album this year so far. Although the group has been dropping hints of the anticipated release, the date was never advertised, nor was the price- which is free, by the way. Another surprise, are the the features on the LP. They are not presented on the cover art, most likely because there are so many collaborations; from Erykah Badu to Busta Rhymes and countless others. The entire project is artistic and beautiful in its own way, here is a breakdown of a few tracks that stand out.

Slip Slide

This track features Busta Rhymes and BOB, amongst others. It’s a feel-good track backed by blaring horns and a catchy hook to match. The song is about wanting to be stable in life, and being able to stand on your own. Play this song, and you’ll be in a better mood about whatever you’re going through at the moment.

Wanna Be Cool

This song features Jeremih and Big Sean. It is very reminiscent of a Michael Jackson track circa 1988. Also uplifting, the track addresses accepting yourself as opposed to imitating others.


This song features the hip hop/R&B group Migos. Migos, known for their club hits completely transformed in this track. The song has a slow tempo with prevalent instrumentals, very opposite of the 808s and computerized melodies the group usually sings over. The song is comical as well. The song talks about meeting someone who is attractive, but not exactly having a wow-factor.

Sunday Candy

This track was released a few months ago to preface the entire project. Melodically pleasing with the help of Jamila Woods, this song is about the love a grandma, family and the peacefulness that Sundays can bring. The song switches from instrumentals to a Chicago-inspired beat, with Chance The Rapper changing from rapping and singing. The track summarizes the project: a fusion of artistic and life inspiration.