Explore the Ultimate Painting

by on July 21, 2015

   Jack Cooper and James Hoare make up Ultimate Painting, an indie-pop band from London. They are extremely reminiscent of The Beatles with the same tone and quality, as well as instrumentation. They are an emerging band that were separately apart of bands, Mazes and Veronica Falls, but were joined together through jam sessions and shared creative ideas.

   They have recently released track, “(I’ve Got The) Sanctioned Blues” on their next album Green Lanes earlier this month, but have not released a full project since 2014. Ironic to the title, this track is upbeat and happy. When one thinks of the blues, usually it’s slow-tempo and nostalgic. But on the contrary, Ultimate Painting, has redefined that definition through content and sound, adding pop into their sound mix.

   On their self-titled debut album, one of their most popular tracks is called, but of course, “Ultimate Painting.” It has a beach theme. It’s light-hearted, and has wavy vocals from the two. They use their electric guitars in the most classic way, with many similarities to the instrumentation of The Beach Boys.

   Altogether, this band’s retro sound will make you feel easy and calm; nostalgic, but not sad. Ultimate Painting, is a new kind of blues/pop band.

For more information on their music and upcoming shows check out http://ultimatepainting.tumblr.com/.