Ghost-y Standup: Comedians in Hologram Form

by on May 29, 2015
Photo Credit: National Comedy Center

Photo Credit: National Comedy Center

   There’s a lot of great comedians that have fallen off the radar. As more time passes since many of these great performers have passed on, their legacy falls and their greatest stand-ups from the varying eras are buried, as well. The National Comedy Center, set to open sometime in 2016 in Jamestown, NY, will feature holographic images of deceased comedians from different periods throughout the century. Audiences can enjoy a 5-ish minute performance of Liberace’s ghost, or take in a George Carlin rant all via projector.

  As Jamestown, NY boasts as Lucille Balls’ hometown, it’s no wonder this next-level comedy club has chosen its roots here. There will also be a Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz component to the show, as the new building is part of the Lucille-Desi

   The real thing I’m grappling with is this: is it an homage paid to these dead comedians’ most notable delivery styles and stand-ups, or just a plain creepy reach of technology to grab for one more thing to show what it can do? One of the tantamount roadblocks the center is facing is gaining rights from the comedians’ families and estates to turn them into performing ghosts, essentially. Whatever you think about the whole thing, it is very indicative of where entertainment is heading in the next several years. The National Comedy Center will give YouTube a run for its money with its archive of long-forgotten and buried stand-ups.