Global Artist of the Week: Naldo Benny

by on May 8, 2015

   Naldo is a Brazilian pop singer currently dominating the club scene in Brazil. His music is funky and clever for any airwaves. Collaborating with American-music superstars like Flo Rida, Fat Joe and Timbaland.

   His most popular record is the 2012 hit, “Amor de Chocolate.” The track shows off Naldo’s charisma and performance swagger. The track also shoes why Naldo may currently be Brazil’s most popular artist.

  He began singing at a young age at church along with his brother. His evangelical upbringing may be the reason behind the level of passion he exudes in his music.

   Despite the language barrier, Naldo is an artist that can transcend cultures. He is proof that feel-good music is accepted across all borders.