Global Band of the Week: Faarrow

by on March 27, 2015

   Faarrow is a sister-duo group originally from Mogadishu, Somalia. When they were very young they fled their home in Somalia with their family to Toronto, Canada due to civil war. Iman (pictured left) and Siham (pictured right), infuse their culture within their music from the African drums prevalent in many of their songs to the location of a music video. Their name is a combination of their birth names. Iman, means “faith,” and Siham means “arrow”- fuse the two together and you have Faarrow.

    Although they only have two tracks to their name, Faarrow’s content is quintessential for the ultimate dream-chaser. Not only do their songs, “Say My Name” and “Rule The World” sound fun, but the visuals in the music videos, are entertaining as well. Though their vocals are not over the top, their style and charisma make up for their simple, yet tasteful, delivery. Think of them as, Hip-Hop meeting the Spice Girls; predominantly with a hint of hip hop flavor.

To find out more, check out their website.