Global Artist of the Week: MIA

by on April 10, 2015

   Her real name is Mathangi Maya Arulpragasam, better known as, M.I.A. Known for her use of artillery for background music, and for having the most aggressive British accent ever to rap over a beat. She’s casted as so many characters including: rebel, intense and shocking. Here are some facts that you didn’t know about M.I.A.

1. Her first name Matangi (this spelling is easier for others to pronounce) is also the name of a Hindu goddess of music.

After the Sri Lankan civil war broke out, her mother relocated her and her siblings to India. Her experiences living in India reflect greatly on her music style today.

2. Her father has been a Tamil revolutionary in Sri Lanka most of her life.

This may be why she is not afraid to speak out; allowing her voice to be heard as well as others.


3. Her first and second albums were named after her father and mother (Arular, 2002; Kala, 2007).


4. Her 2007 hit, Paper Planes, went three times platinum in both the U.S. and Canada.

And you wonder why you sang the song so much that year.


5. Before she was a rap artist, Matangi started as a visual artist, filmmaker and designer.

Many of her music videos stem from her mind and she is able to visually execute what she wants due to her background in visual arts.


6. She has been called a terrorist.

By Nic Harcourt, a radio DJ from Los Angeles. In an interview she explained that this comment was very offensive to her, and she couldn’t understand how her music and terrorism correlated.


7. She is inspired by the fourth Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi; and wishes she could bring late singer, Aaliyah back from the dead.