How Kehlani Remains Soul-try

by on May 5, 2015

   When Kehlani sings, she sounds as if she’s taking a fresh breath of air with each note. Her voice is not quite raspy, but not quite simple; it’s complex. Due to her newest compilation, You Should Be Here, and the amount of promotion it has received via social media, more music listeners are curious about the up-and-coming songstress. But once listening to a Kehlani track, it’s easy to become an avid listener.

   Her voice is not easy to come by. A mix of Amanda Perez, with a little bit of Brandy and a dash of Jojo, and you have Kehlani’s voice. But what separates her from the R&B singers before her, is her content. She’s as raw and candid as the male singers of her genre. Although some of her songs contain small doses of explicitness, it never overshadows the quality of her voice; pure soulfulness.

Here are a few tracks that stand out:

1. “You Should Be Here”

Of course this track automatically sticks out because it bears the same name as the album. Instead of only stating why her significant other should be where she is physically, Kehlani explains that they should also be there spiritually and mentally. Deep.

2. “The Way” (feat. Chance The Rapper)

A feature with Chance? This track has to be interesting, and of course it was. In this track, Kehlani, with no shame blows up the ego of her significant other. She explains that her thoughts are now occupied by her lover, and she wants to know the reason behind it.

3. “Be Alright”

This track is a feel-good song looking at the positive side of a bad situation. Kehlani shows off the raspiness of her voice in her chorus in this catchy tune. It’s not a typical upbeat song about encouragement, but takes a more sultry approach. The title summarizes the track very well.

4. “Down For You” (feat. BJ The Chicago Kid)

This song catches your attention right away with a rendition of the instrumentals of “Just Friends” by Musiq Soulchild. Kehlani’s vocals are first on the track introducing the theme of the song: love, but in the wrong time. Her tone matched with BJ The Chicago Kid makes this song an effortlessly dynamic duet.