How Nick Hakim is Rebirthing Jazz

by on February 13, 2015

    The first time I heard Nick Hakim, was through my computer screen—-and it was by mistake. I became enthused by a poetry troupe in New York, Striver’s Row, and I was watching their poetry videos on a playlist. I stepped away from my computer, but quickly rushed back after hearing a young man crooning in the background, followed by laughter. It was Nick Hakim performing his song, “Cold,” and playing a ukulele. The first line of the song states: “You chill everything that you see.” A contrast to the soft ukulele and soulful keyboard, that shocked the audience members and me.

   Nick Hakim cannot be categorized into just one genre. He can fit into Soul, R&B, Jazz or Folk; he is just a fusion of quality music. His words are simple, yet satisfying. An effortless merge of appeal and ease.

   His latest projects include two EP’s, Where Will We Go Pt. 1 & 2. Tracks I recommend are:

1) “Cold” is a confusing track to me. When I first heard it, he seemed bitter, almost angry. But after listening it for a while, you can tell that his heart has been broken, but he’s still afraid to admit it.

2) “Pour Another” is a romantic piece; it’s a metaphor for all of those who may be falling into love or lust.

3) “I Don’t Know” provides a story for where the title of these EP’s may have stemmed from. If someone important in your life has ever left, and you’re inquiring about them nostalgically, this is the perfect track.

For more information on Nick Hakim’s music, check out his site.

Featured Image by William Hacker