How The World Began: An Examination In Dance

by on June 11, 2015
Photo Credit: Blackpool, The Grand Theatre

Photo Credit: Blackpool, The Grand Theatre

  How exactly do you dance the beginning of the world? With a lot of twinkly computer effects and go heavy on the dramatic music. Broken is the Motionhouse version of just how the world began. While it doesn’t necessarily follow a clear storyline, the dancing is wild and energetic. A solid representation, if not a little over-the-top.

   If one were really to be placed at the creation of the earth, how would they envision its start? Would it be in an overwhelming flurry of limbs and ends, flailing around to a cacophony of sounds? Or is it the slow progression of evolution as we have been taught? And what does that look like in dancing?

   The idea behind Motionhouse’s latest performance is to invoke a sentiment of chaos in the very beginnings of the world. Dancers roll and flip in trapeze-like arrangements, and lots of lighting effect brings on the build-up to the big explosion. It’s part primal and part post-apocalyptic feeling, but the end result is more like a mosaic: all at once and up close, too much detail and disorder. From far away, however, a thoughtful overview of a theory that has left minds perplexed and timelines skewed for centuries in history.