Hungarian Artist Transforms A Historic Painting Into A 3D Masterpiece

by on June 23, 2015
The original oil painting

The original Benczur oil painting

   It’s not that easy to turn something 2D into 3D. Especially when that something is a century old painting. But Hungarian graphic designer Zsolt Ekho Farkas was up to the challenge.

   He painstakingly re-rendered one of Hungary’s most prized paintings, Gyula Benczur’s 1885 “Budavar visszafoglalasa” or “The Recapture of Budapest, 1686” to transform the static oil painting into a 3D marvel.

   Over the course of two months of dedicated work, Farkas carefully modeled each of the individual figures in the painting into 3D, using color texture maps straight from the Wikipedia public domain copy of the painting.

   The result is an animated wonder, bringing new life to the old oils. Check out the fully textured rendering in motion on Vimeo.

The transformation process

The transformation process

The 3D models without their texturing

The 3D models without their color texturing