If the Glass Slipper Fits, Wear It!

by on August 6, 2014

Keke Palmer to play title role in “Rogers &’Hammerstein’s Cinderella

You read correctly folks, in case you haven’t heard the news already, actress and singer Keke Palmer, best known for her captivating role in Akeela and the Bee (which won 12 awards) and more recently her portrayal as Chilli in the 2013 TV biography CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, will be the first African American actress to portray Cinderella on Broadway.


photo courtesy of http://ynaija.com

photo courtesy of http://ynaija.com

Palmer’s career has been incredibly lucrative in the last few years and now at 20 years old is the youngest person in television history to be the host of her own show “Just Keke” on BET.

Palmer began showcasing her talent in the sequel movie Barbershop 2: Back in Business in 2004 and has worked her way up through television shows like True Jackson, VP on Nickelodeon and voiceover appearances in movies like Ice Age and cartoons like Winks Club and The Cleveland Show.

Palmer will also be the most famous African-American to play the title role Cinderella since Brandy Norwood (best known for her title role in TV’s Moesha) in the 1997 television musical alongside Whitney Houston as The Fairy Godmother and Whoopi Goldberg as The Queen, which was directed by Robert Iscove. In fact, Palmer believes because of Brandy’s role as Cinderella she is capable of performing on Broadway now.

Photo courtesy of http://lauralikedthatmovie.tumblr.com/

Photo courtesy of http://lauralikedthatmovie.tumblr.com/

And when, dear reader, might you be able to see Palmer perform this role? Why September 9 of this year.

I feel that this is important because it does in fact reaffirm for all of those dreamers out there that talent is colorblind.

So, if you plan to be in New York in the month of September, please take a trip to Broadway to see Keke Palmer in what I am sure will be an enchanting and historic rendition of Cinderella. It should be an excellent way to kick off the latest filmed version of Cinderella coming to us in 2015.

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